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Coffee & Careers: Marketing Job Trends and Outlook

Coffee & Careers: Marketing Job Trends and Outlook

A conversation with recruiting industry experts on marketing opportunities

There’s no question about it. The job market is hot. But how long will it last? This week Cindi talks to Lori Schaub, vice president of Aquent’s Energy team, and Rhonda Taylor, head of executive search for Mogul, about the dynamic US job market for marketing and creative professionals.

Join us and you’ll learn:

·       What the job market looked like in 2021 and what the outlook is for 2022

·       The hottest job opportunities in the marketing and creative space

·       What skills hiring managers are looking for in prospective candidates


Lori Schaub

Lori is a results-oriented, creative business leader with 20+ years of experience in domestic and international business consulting; workforce solutions, project outsourcing; and strategic sales and staffing. Currently, Lori is VP of Aquent’s Energy team, where she works with a team focused on all areas of oil, gas, utilities, and renewables.

Rhonda Taylor

Rhonda is an executive search leader and diversity, equity & inclusion change agent with 18+ years of recruiting board, C-Suite, and executive-level roles, Rhonda is Head of Executive Search for Mogul. Mogul provides exclusive executive opportunities for top diverse talent at the VP, SVP, EVP, President, C-Suite, or Board of Directors level across the Fortune 500.


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