ANA Houston

Answering Questions and Winning Business—Secrets to SEO in a B2B World

A Virtual Lunch & Learn Experience

Presented by Cory Matthews, SEO Group Director, MMI Agency

Come learn all (ok maybe not ALL) the secrets to SEO in a B2B world.

For years marketers have thought that business owners act differently in the digital ecosystem than individual users. The truth is, however, that business owners and procurement are all human. And like every other human they raise their hands in the digital world to signal their intent to buy, engage, or consume information by using queries. It is our job as communicators to be there for them with answers to their questions.

The presentation will focus on how to use search to find your consumers' burning questions and include a case study on MMI’s work with Microsoft that helped them increase SMB engagement for their collaboration software. 

Speaker Bio

Cory Matthews has a long successful record of developing digital startups from ideas to fruition, and he never lost the startup work ethic. For over a decade Cory has been at the forefront of all things digital, which gives him a competitive edge to create successful organic search strategies in an ever-changing space. He has delivered for brands in a variety of verticals and languages including Intel, Microsoft, Pantene, and Laureate Education. An avid traveler, Cory has used his knowledge of culture and language to produce award-winning content for brand partners.

Cory Matthews is passionate about asking questions. As SEO Group Director at MMI Agency, he has the awesome pleasure of leading a team of organic search and content gurus to navigate the ever-changing world of SEO, content planning, ecommerce and everything in between. Focusing on fresh, high-quality content and technical signals, Cory and his team ensure that they build lasting value.

Cory is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He is a lover of music, travel, and cultures, and the biggest Longhorns football fan you’ll ever meet.