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Lunch & Learn: Conversational Marketing 101

Generating leads and driving engagement with live chat and automated bots

Presented by Bennett Boucher, DRIFT, Senior Channel Consultant

How to generate more leads and drive customer engagement with live chat and automated bots

There’s been a lot of chatter around chatbots for several years in the marketing world. But if you’re just dipping your toes into conversational marketing, you probably have a few questions, such as: What platforms are most effective for my business? When do I need a human-in-the-loop? Should I open techopedia in a separate tab for a conversation about this? The good news is that conversational marketing, using a combination of bots and live chat, is easier to integrate into your buyer’s journey than you may think.

During this virtual event, Bennett Boucher with DRIFT will discuss how adopting a conversational marketing strategy for your business can reduce friction in the purchase process to help make your website a 24/7 lead generation machine.

What You'll Learn:

·  Conversational marketing fundamentals

·  Top tips for reducing friction in your customer’s buyer journey

·  How to use conversational marketing strategies to convert visitors into online buyers

·  When to use bots and when to use live chat

Speaker Bio

Bennett is a senior channel consultant with DRIFT, based in Boston. Throughout his career, Bennett has provided consulting advice to hundreds of agencies and corporate clients during his time at DRIFT, and formerly at HubSpot. In his role at DRIFT, Bennett keeps up with the latest advancements and trends in digital marketing strategies that help online sales and service become easier for both buyer and seller.