ANA Houston

Mentor Matching & Happy Hour

Grow your career with guidance from pros, expand your professional network

Build Your Career Strategy

ANA Houston would like to invite marketers at any career stage to our May Mentor Matching and Happy Hour event at Bungalow Heights. This event is for marketers of all career stages and provides early-career marketers with the opportunity to meet experienced local B2B marketing professionals from various backgrounds and industries. 

The ANA Mentor Matching program matches you with a local ANA member, providing you the opportunity to:

  • develop a professional relationship with an experienced marketer who closely matches your career goals and trajectory
  • discover how to apply your current skills and what skills to develop to achieve your goals
  • identify trending skills that are needed in the market

Mentee eligibility requirements: Members and nonmembers who are 30 years old or younger. All mentees must pre-register with the event organizer by contacting, Jenson Kerr.

Why Experienced Marketers Should Attend

This bi-annual event brings together some of Houston top B2B marketers as well as fresh marketing talent. If you want to expand your local network, this event provides an excellent opportunity to mix and mingle with a wide cross section of the Houston-area B2B marketing community. 

Plug In to Our Network

ANA Houston is the only dedicated B2B marketing organization in Houston. Interested in learning more about becoming a member? Visit our Membership page for details.